Welcome to NH Computer Services

NH Computer Services is the right place to get your computer issues resolved, your custom computer built, and to get a website designed and hosted for your business.

  • Computer running slow?
  • Did you delete your data/pictures/documents by accident!
  • Do you need to upgrade your RAM but don't know how?
  • Do you need more hard drive space on your computer?
  • Did your computer crash, and it won't boot up?
  • Need assistance trying to do something on your computer?
  • Need a website for your current business? Or do you want to upgrade your website?




Why Choose My Services?

  • 2+ years in desktop support
  • 5+ years with computer experience
  • Punctual
  • Trustworthy
  • Affordable
  • Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology
  • Pick up and drop off
  • I make house calls

If you need a website for your small business or just a personal one, you're at the right place!. Although I am a novice, I can garauntee that you will be satisfied with the results you receive from my computer repair and services. Go right ahead and check out my other pages for prices and information on making that right decision.

Computer Repair and Services I Offer:

  • Computer clean up/optimization
  • Custom built computers
  • Data back-up services
  • Data restoration
  • DVD drive upgrade/replacement
  • Hard drive upgrade
  • Hardware diagnostics and replacement
  • Install secondary hard drive
  • Memory/RAM upgrade
  • Re-image/reformat hard drive/OS re-install
  • Software and hardware Troubleshooting
  • Software installations
  • System restore
  • Virus/spyware/adware removal
  • Website design/hosting
  • Wireless network installation