Computer Optimization

Another inconvenience with computers is that they get clogged up with lots of files that they do not need anymore. Registry keys are the building blocks of the operating system and one or more are installed every time a program gets installed. Most of the time there are lots of traces of registry keys even though the software is no longer there.

The software that I have will easily take care of this mess and will make your computer run faster. Once the clutter is cleaned up within the registry keys, your operating system will run better because it doesn't have to go searching everywhere just to find one single registry key.

Computer Clean Up and Repair:

  • Clean and repair the registry
  • Clean out temporary files and unused files
  • Defragment the hard drive
  • Clean up the start up programs

Also, every time you install software or uninstall it, your operating system stores data in different parts of the drive which, can also cause confusion for the operating system. By defragmenting the hard drive once in a while, this puts all similar data into sequence so your operating system can actually access your data more efficiently. When I optimize or clean your computer I will also take this action so your computer system runs faster.