Hardware Upgrades

Have you thought of updating the computer that you are using? Is it running a little slow? Well you can fix that by upgrading the hardware!

Upgrade RAM

Just by upgrading the RAM in a computer, you can improve the performance dramatically. If you are running Windows XP it is recommended that you have AT LEAST 1GB of memory installed. If you are running Windows 7, you should have AT LEAST 2GB's of memory, even though the minimum requirement is 1GB.

The more RAM installed in your computer the better. When you are running a 32 bit operating system, you can have up to 4GB of RAM, when running a 64 bit system, you can have more than that.

Upgrade the video card

Want to play better video games but don't have the video card for it? I can get it and install it for you!

One of the many computer repair services that I offer is upgrading your computer hardware. If you want bigger and better hardware, I can make the process effortless! You will not regret purchasing my services.

Computer Components to upgrade:

  • Video Card
  • RAM/Memory - laptops too
  • CD/DVD Writer/Re-Writer - laptops too
  • Power Supply
  • All-in-one Card reader for the front of your computer
  • USB Ports
  • TV Tuner/Recorder

When not to upgrade your computer and just upgrade your whole computer system:

  • Single Core Processor
  • The RAM type is DDR or below

*The list above is just some of the computer hardware that I can upgrade, it is not cost effective to upgrade the CPU and/or Motherboard most of the time.

Upgrade your whole computer

If you want to upgrade your whole system I can build you a custom built, excellent quality computer! Click Here for custom built computers.