Pricing for Computer Repairs/Services

All prices are estimated on amount of time based on the labor rate of $50/hr

Computer clean up/optimization $75
Data back-up services per month per 5GB $15
Data restoration $75
DVD drive upgrade/replacement $50
Hard drive upgrade w/re-installation of OS $150
Hardware diagnostics and replacement $100
Install secondary hard drive $50
Memory/RAM upgrade $50
Re-image/reformat hard drive/OS Re-install $150
Software and hardware Troubleshooting $100
Software installations $50
System restore $150
Virus/spyware/adware removal $75
Wireless network installation $100

Please be aware that prices can be less or more based on simplicity or complexity of issue

Pricing for Website Design

  • $300-$500 - based on the complexity of the site

Pricing for Website Hosting

  • Yearly name registration fee of $14
  • 3 hosting options
  • Month-to-month payment of $14
  • Year-to-year payment of $156 ($13 per month)
  • Every two years $288 ($12 per month)